Annual Charity Golf Day

Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills — Annual Charity Golf day held on 1 March 2019 at the Settlers Run Golf and Country Club.

The Charity raises funds to support “Disaster Aid” which assists in delivering water systems and humanitarian aid to people affected by natural and other disasters.

RMBL Investments are proud to sponsor such an event.


Investing with RMBL Investments Limited

Investing with RMBL

The aim of this article is to introduce the investment process with RMBL Investments Limited.

RMBL Investments Limited AFSL 223246 is the issuer of RMBL Mortgage Income Investments. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision. A copy of the PDS is available here

  • RMBL’s offering is an income producing product, whereby Interest is paid monthly to investors (Members) once received by Borrowers
  • It can provide a monthly source of income – suits retirees and those in pension phase
  • In contrast to the volatility of the share market, RMBL’s returns are consistent in performing Sub Scheme loans.
  • Being a contributory mortgage fund, a Member can elect which type of RMBL Sub Scheme loans they would like to invest their monies into and how many Sub Scheme loans they may wish to invest in. RMBL offers development loans and non-development loans, there being different risks associated with different loans.
  • RMBL invites Members to inspect valuations and documentation relating to any Sub Scheme they may wish to invest in. In many cases Members may even visit the relevant security property attached to the Sub Scheme loan.
  • RMBL’s Loans Team develops strong relationships with its Borrowers many of whom are repeat clients of RMBL.

Please remember that as with any investment, there is always a risk that the expected returns may not arise where a Sub Scheme loan defaults for any reason. RMBL does not guarantee your monies nor the interest payment by the Borrower.

What happens when I invest with RMBL?

1. Read RMBL PDS here. If you do require any assistance you should contact a professional adviser.

2. You can elect to place a specific sum for investment.

3. RMBL staff then assist you by providing Sub Scheme loan details for proposals that suit your requirements. You will be provided with a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement relating to each Sub Scheme loan which will provide a full description of the borrower, property, and as well as the risk associated with that particular Sub Scheme loan.

4. Once you consent to the placement of your funds in a Sub Scheme loan, funds are invested.

5. RMBL provides periodic statements to assist with your record keeping.